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Kibou to Ai: Hope and Love

I'm reaching for the stars

2 March
External Services:
  • kibou_to_ai@livejournal.com
This is my little space for poetry, stories, fics, fan art, artwork, etc. Something like my DA account, only... not. This journal is also public, where my normal LJ (sangochan) is mostly friends-only.

I don't mind if you add me, but all the work contained herein is mine. Some of it (fanart or fanfic) may be based off of worlds and characters created by someone else, but if you're going to borrow some of my pics or something, do ask.

I crosspost all fanfiction to Mediaminer.org, all artwork (be it fan art or not) to my DeviantArt account, all poetry under 20 lines to Poetry.com, all poetry OVER 20 lines to my DA account, all original fiction and such also to DA, and all essays and such to my actual LJ.

Fanart does include cosplay pictures.

Just so you are warned: I am a rabid fangirl of the following:
Inuyasha (in particular Sango, Miroku, SangoxMiroku (WAFF or lemon))
Shaman King (in particular, Ren Tao)
Megatoyko (Dom, Erika, ErikaxLargo WAFF)
8-Bit Theatre (hell, I loves them all)
Evangelion (Asuka, AsukaxShinji)
anime in general

I am a cosplayer, and as stated earlier, will also be posting cosplay pics. ^_^